2020 Toyota RAV4 Safety

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2020 Toyota RAV4: NHTSA and IIHS Ratings, and Safety Features

Updated on: March 25, 2020

 2020 Toyota RAV4 Safety and Reliability

2020 Toyota RAV4 Safety

The Toyota Recreational Activity Vehicle: 4-wheel drive (RAV4) name has been around for quite a while now. Even though the name says “4-wheel drive”, every RAV4 is not actually 4WD. The first generation came out in 1994 and it has been in everybody’s heart ever since. There have been various versions of the RAV4- from a 3-door version to an EV version which was only sold for seven months, that too just in California (it was available for lease from 1997 to 2003).

Front Airbags

Knee Airbags

Safety Ratings

Overall Rating 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Overall Front Star Rating 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star
Front Driver Side 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star
Front Passenger Side 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Overall Side Star Rating 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings(Front Seat) 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings(Rear Seat) 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Side Barrier Driver 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Side Barrier Rear Passenger 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Overall Side Pole Star Rating 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Rollover Star Rating 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star
Overall Side Barrier 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star
Small Overlap Front(Driver) Good
Small Overlap Front(Passenger) Good
Moderate Overlap Front Good
Side Not Rated
Roof Strength Good
Head Restraints and Seats Good
Headlights Marginal
Front Crash Prevention Superior
Latch Ease of Use Good

The current generation of the RAV4 came out in 2019 and it has a lot to do to maintain it’s status as one of the highest-selling small crossover SUVs. The RAV4 is not supercar- one cannot expect it to be as quick as a 720s or as nimble as a GT2RS and it is not. The RAV4 does not try to be sporty in any way, the steering is vague and the car feels slightly underpowered. But that’s not what the RAV4 is meant for. It is meant for family outings on the weekends, it is meant for going out with your friends, it is meant for having fun. But with all that fun should come safety. How safe is the RAV4? Let’s find out.

 With its standard safety features and equipment list, Toyota RAV4 is setting the safety benchmark pretty high for other manufacturers. At $28,650, the standard safety tech that Toyota offers with the RAV4 is just mind-boggling. The XLE trim offers even more.

The car can sense the difference between a pedestrian and a cyclist! It has a sonar system that can detect rear cross-traffic and apply brakes. These are features that were only provided by a few premium manufacturers till a couple of years ago and that too at a premium. Now Toyota will give all of the above-mentioned features and much more at $27,000. Some other safety features in the RAV4 are-

  • Intelligent sonar system
  • Blindspot monitor
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • 8 Airbags
  • Star safety system ( VSC, ABS, EBD )

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Rating

The 2019 RAV4 scored decently in the NHTSA crash tests. It scored a perfect 5 stars in all side crash-tests. The RAV4 has a rollover possibility of 15.50%. Even though it did not score 5 stars in every segment, it is a pretty safe car.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Rating

Although the 2020 RAV4 hasn’t been tested by the IIHS, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 scored an almost perfect rating in the IIHS crash tests. It managed a top rating except for the headlight safety in which it scored a “marginal rating”. IIHS picked the Kia Niro as their “Top Safety Pick +” in this segment. The RAV4 missed out on the “Top Safety Pick+” due to its headlights.

 What features make the RAV4 SUV safe? 

  • Road sign assist

The RAV4 is fitted with a smart front camera that can scan speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs and do not enter signs. The system scans these signs and then displays them on the MID screen. This is especially useful during city driving where the speed limits change every few miles. Maybe this will help you keep your RAV4 under 55 at all times!

  • Lane tracing assist with lane departure alert

 This system uses the radar/camera system mounted in front of the car to scan the road for lane markings. It keeps the car centered in the lane and shows its position in the MID. This feature can prove to be very important especially on longer journeys as it reduces driver fatigue and increases convenience.

The lane departure system will also alert the driver if the car starts to veer out of the lane without an indicator in that direction. If necessary, it will also give gentle inputs to the steering to keep in the car safely in the lane.

  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection

 The Toyota is also offered with a pre-collision system that uses a combination of a millimeter-wave radar a camera to scan the road for obstacles. The system can even differentiate between a pedestrian and a cyclist. It can even work in low light situations. If the system detects an obstacle, it sends an audio and visual warning to the driver and if the driver does not react in time, the car will automatically apply brakes. 

  • Full speed range dynamic cruise control

The RAV4 is equipped with full-speed-range dynamic cruise control that uses the grill mounted radar and a camera system inside the car to maintain a safe distance from the car in front or a preset speed. If the car in front slows down, the RAV4 will also slow down, if the car speeds up, the RAV4 will also speed up to the preset speed.

  • Automatic high beams

 The automatic high beam feature uses the front-mounted camera to scan for oncoming headlights or the headlights of preceding vehicles. It automatically dims the RAV4’s high beams if it detects another set of headlights. This improves the visibility of the other driver. This system is activated over a speed of 25 miles per hour.

Is the 2020 Toyota RAV4 safe?

 The RAV4 offers a ton of safety features- some of them are only offered by flagships. To add to that, the RAV4 has impressive crash test results. All of this adds up to make the RAV4 a pretty safe vehicle to drive and travel in.