2020 Toyota 4Runner Interiors

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2020 MODEL
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2020 Toyota 4Runner SUV Infotainment And Interior Features

Updated on: March 25, 2020

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV  Overview

The Toyota 4Runner is a rugged off roader SUV which carries the potential to tread rough terrains with relative ease. However, this rugged exterior doesn't mean the 4Runner has insides to match. The interiors here feel polished and comfortable. The mixture of two such different elements makes the 4Runner feel ready for any battle. Climb mountains or take long trips, the 4Runner feels at ease in any situation.

Seating And Comfort 

Take a look inside and you will feel as if the insides of the 4Runner is lathered with comfort and a slight hint of lavishness. The insides are constructed with top grade material. The plastic found here and there is used in good taste and are of high quality.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV Dashboard

Throughout the trim line, the seats found are made of different materials. The seats are either made from vinyl or leather. The seats have a good seating position, and are offered with a cooling and heating function. Not all people can manage with just 5 seats. For such a buyer, the 4Runner can be equipped with a 3rd row to add more seating space. This obviously will come at the cost of storage space.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV Front Seats

The driver’s seating position is very commanding. Not only do they have a very prominent view of the road, due to their high seating position, looking down the nose of the hood is easy. The view is unobstructed, even in turns. The view of the back is clear.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV Second Row Seats

The big glass window at the back promotes good visibility while backing up, and the blindspots can be monitored on the backup camera. Drivers of every shape and size will be able to find a comfortable position in the seat, thanks to the tilting and telescoping steering wheel and 8 way power adjustable seat. Adjustable pedals would have been a good option here for some of the shorter drivers.
The Optitron instrument cluster has good viewing angles and remains clearly visible even under direct sunlight. Speaking of sunlight, the power moonroof won't let a lot of it in.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV Third Row Seats



Toyota 4Runner

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dodge Durango

Ford Explorer

Passenger capacity





Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)





Second (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)





Among the competitors are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Dodge Durango and the Ford Explorer. Among the competitors, the most spacious interior is of the Ford Explorer, both in the front and rear rows.


The infotainment system for the 2020 model has been revved up. While some components have been carried forward from the previous year, new software has made the whole user experience a lot better. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration elevates the usability of the whole system. Toyota also offers Amazon Alexa compatibility. The Toyota+Alexa App lets you control your music and smart devices. The integration between Alexa and Remote Connect lets you control the car too. Functions like unlocking doors, starting the engine or checking the status of the car has become so easy.
The 4Runner can be equipped with upto a 15 speaker JBL system. With JBL Clari-Fi, the speakers provide a good range of sound. Both the highs and lows are taken care off. The system is accompanied by a subwoofer.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUV  8 Inch Infotainment Display

Not only is the 8 inch screen responsive, its quick and the UI is easy to use. The integrated tangible buttons makes interacting with the system quite easy.
The car is riddled with USB ports. Even the Rear seats have their own.

Cargo Space

The cargo space is spacious. The 47.2 cubic feet of space in a car this size is quite apt. It will surely suffice for the day to day use for most of the owners. However, if someone is in the need to store something big or needs to accommodate multiple items, then the front seats can fold down to make more space. The storage space then increases to 88 cubic feet. The 40/20/40 flat folding second row seats makes managing large amount of cargo very easy. The seats can be folded together or individually, according to need.

Toyota 4Runner  SUV
Toyota 4Runner  SUVCargo space

To further add convenience, the 4Runner lets you lets you slide the cargo deck out to make loading things easy. The deck can support upto 440 lbs. It can also retrieving things as the back of the cargo bay easy. Finally, the rear glass acts like a power window, which can be lowered and raised from outside the car, which makes putting and retrieving small items quite easy. This has been a signature feature of the 4Runner for generations now. The 120 V AC power outlet can also be found in the cargo area.

How is the Interior of the Toyota 4Runner?

The beautiful visuals with the innovative features make the interiors of the 4Runner one of the best in the class. At every step, it is clear that Toyota has though intensively to fulfill every need of their potential customer, within reason. To us, the interiors looks astonishing. They have the right integration of ruggedness and class.