Toyota Camry tries to be sportier with the TRD model

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Aaron Smith 

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April 9, 2020  at 7:02 PM

The TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development. The TRD is to Toyota what AMG is to Mercedes Benz. In previous years also, we have seen many good products from the TRD and this time with the new Camry, the nerds seem to have captured the magic again. But is the new 2020 Camry worth the TRD badge?

This year, from the vaults of Toyota, comes the all-new Camry TRD. Since its launch in 1982, the Camry had gained sincere respect as a go-to car for a typical family man. However, with an increasing passion for more performance packed daily drivers, Toyota has finally introduced the all-new TRD version for the Camry. 

2020 Toyota Camry TRD Sedan

With a base price of just $32,150, the Camry TRD looks rather aggressive and track-oriented. To give it a new performance-oriented personality, Camry TRD gets a lot of exteriors and interior changes from the standard model. The TRD gets a more aggressive-looking front grille, a front splitter, and two-tone colors.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD Sedan

There are some changes to the design of the headlamps as well. Then, the most outstanding feature is the rear spoiler. Yes, you read it right! A Camry with a rear spoiler. This version also gets new forged 19-inch TRD wheels, which are lightweight and enhances the handling of the car. 


2020 Toyota Camry TRD




3.5-liter V6 


8-speed automatic w/OD and auto-manual


301 hp


267 lb./ft.

On the inside, the sporty theme continues with red & black color themes. The seats remain comfortable with ample spaces for 5. However, we could use a bit more bolstering. But none the less, you never feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic on the inside.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD Sedan Interior

The rear seats lose the center hand-rest and the USB charging ports, but let’s not forget, this is a more driver-focused car. The red touches give the Camry TRD a more sporty feel. The instrument cluster gets full red color, which provides a good feeling while you are pushing the car to its limits.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD rear seat

Moreover, the Camry TRD does not lose its practicality. You still get a boot, big enough to carry the luggage for a family of 4, or can carry your track kits with ease. 

When we talk about the engine, the TRD gets a lot more grunt under the hood than its standard sibling. It comes equipped with a V6 aluminum block producing a massive 301 HP @ 6600 revs. The powerplant is mated with 8-speed automatic transmission. The Camry TRD generates 267 lb-ft of torque at 4700 revs, which feels more than sufficient when pushed to the limits.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD powertrain

Behind the wheel, the Camry feels nimble and agile through the corners. You get the confidence to throw the car at any speed at any corner, and you will get out on the other side, smiling. It stands as healthy competition for the Honda Accord Turbo, which is a performance version of the battleship from Honda. But surely, with the magic from the TRD labs, the new Camry is an entertaining and practical car to drive.

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