CES 2020: Future Plans of Jeep by Revealing 3 Electric Vehicles and Other Innovations

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Aaron Smith

Automotive Journalist January 14, 2020 at 01:52 PM
CES 2020 has been a big platform for automakers around the world to show their future plans. Fiat hasn’t been late to the party as well. They have showcased a variety of electrified vehicles and the technologies that they will put on use in the future. Here’s the short breakup of all the highlights from the brand Fiat, at the CES 2020.


Winter 2020 has witnessed breakthrough revolutionary ideas on the lands of Las Vegas, Nevada at CES. The Consumer Electronics Show witnessed technologies of the yesteryear mold and mutated into future innovations. Solving criterions big and small, the expo was a great show to experience what’s new and exciting in the world of diverse tech backgrounds. 

The automobile wing of the show experienced FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) electrifying the future by launching three plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. FCA also showcased 80 years of electrification of Jeep's leadership and capabilities. It also framed a compelling statement around upcoming Jeep electric vehicles scheduled to launch by 2022. 

Tapping on diverse customer engagement processes, Jeep used Virtual Reality to simulate off-roading journeys on Moab’s “Hell’s Revenge”. Jeep also experimented with ‘Air Flow Vision’ to understand how users interact with future technologies through better user interface and experience. 

The 4Xe badge will introduce you to the electric lineup of Jeep vehicles from now on and will come with technologies to compete with the trends in the automobile market. Focusing on bringing the best of themselves and becoming the torchbearer of the green revolution in the automobile sector, Jeep is going the extra mile in every sense. Electric vehicles built by Jeep are going to be the most efficient and responsible Jeep vehicles to date and will provide absolute and quiet performance. Giving a brand new definition to the expression of ‘go anywhere, do anything’ vehicles, the 4x4 capabilities will empower the freedom and driver confidence to another level. Electric means instant power and adding this to Jeep’s portfolio will make the off-roading monsters even more fun to drive. Greater torque and immediate engine response in what the ‘speed trusting motorhead’ in us believe in and look forward to. 

Celebrating 80 years of evolution and building off-roading machines, Jeep wants to build the future of cars more exciting and sustainable. Walking on this path, enthusiasts who wish to put their hands on a simulated 4x4 journey can experience it and the new Jeep 4x4 Adventure VR Experience. Putting Moab, Utah, as a backdrop, participants can navigate the infamous Hell’s Revenge trail. The route is divided into various sections according to difficulty levels. Enthusiasts can also experience the Wrangler 4Xe from the driver’s perspective using the VR. 

The technology used behind making this VR experience realistic includes building a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which is positioned on four hydraulic cylinders. The Wrangler reacts to real-time data inputs provided by actual wheel position data recordings on the trail. The hydraulic system pushes the Wrangler’s suspension. This replicates the movement a driver will experience while driving in off-road conditions. VR Goggles will give a real-time actual scenic visual of the Hell revenge trail while on the ride. We can expect more information about Jeep Wrangler, Compass, and Renegade 4xe vehicles at the upcoming Geneva, New York and Beijing auto shows in 2020. 


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