Americas dream SUV , Hummer , may return as an all electric vehicle

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March 13, 2020  at 7:52 AM

GM is awakening the Hummer name on an all-electric pickup truck. Americans yet love bulky SUVs, even as they understand these gas guzzlers adds to global warming. What to do?

This continuous hits with the UAW and the accompanying endeavours for discussions are gradually uncovering a portion of the plans that GM has put away for what's to come. According to an ongoing report by Reuters, GM plans to put about $3 billion in its Detroit-Hamtramck factory which will make Electric Trucks and Vans. Codenamed the BT1 program, this program incorporates an All-Electric pickup truck for GMC and an SUV for Cadillac.

Sources propose that the name Hummer is being tested at GM HQ's yet hasn't been given a green flag yet. GM intends to make the $3 billion interest in the following 4 years and is a piece of GM's $ 7.7 billion interest in the entirety of its plants over the US. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his H1

GM didn't accomplish expected marketing projections with its Cheap and Affordable Volt Hybrid and Bolt Electric vehicles. Henceforth, GM intends to present High-end, Low volume vehicles as a component of the BT1 program, with expectations of an inversion of fortune.

The 1st Product from this BT1 program is expected to be a pickup (codenamed Project O) but under a different brand name in late 2021. The performance version of this pickup will follow in 2022. After this, the brand will also see an Electric SUV in 2023.

Hummer Electric may look like this!

GM’s President Mark Reuss commented in a UBS conference in June that the New EV platform will be highly flexible, allowing GM to build FWD, AWD, RWD vehicles, on the same platform. He also said that once the plant reaches its full production in 2024, it could produce 80,000 vehicles in a Year.

Hummer H1

GM plans to take on brands like Ford-Amazon backed Michigan based startup Rivian motors. Rivian aims to start production in fall 2020 and will bring in the R1T pickup truck, as their 1st offering. If GM decides on using the Hummer name for their new lineup of EV’s, they will have a head start, owing to the brand’s immense popularity.

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