2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 Spotted Undisguised In A New Video; To Miss Out On The V12 Engine

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May 14, 2020  at 12:38 PM

It wasn’t long when Mercedes bid adieu to the 2020 S-Class with a special edition V12 model that we now have footage of the upcoming and much-anticipated 2021 S-Class. The car is expected to feature a design simlar to the current crop of Mercedes’ lineup, but we expect major changes on the engine and on the interiors front.

While the world had only seen a few spy shots of the upcoming 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class clothed in heavy camouflage, the recent spy shots give a clearer glimpse of how the ‘best car in the world’ is going to look in its latest iteration. Codenamed W223, these undisguised images reveal the front fascia, which is very akin to the E-Class facelift. In fact, not only the E-Class facelift and the S-Class, this fascia will adorn all the Mercedes family cars, including their family crossovers range of vehicles.

2021 Mercdedes Benz S Class Front Grille. 

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Exterior Design

The car features a very similar headlamp setup as the outgoing model, and the all-LED setup with, now chiseled DRL’s is going to distinguish this flagship from the other, ordinary Benz sedans. Ordinary? Well, the S-Class is one of a kind, everything else just looks puny and ordinary in front of her. The thick chrome grille with those three gargantuan horizontal slats looks more menacing than sophisticated, and overall, gives the car an aggressive look. Sure enough, if not for the updated bumpers, the car looks very much like a grown-up S-Class. 

The derriere is something that others will be watching while trailing behind the big S in their ordinary vehicles, and well, the taillights too, look as if they were picked up from the E-Class’ parts bin. Reason? The updated E-Class gets a similar taillight setup. Unless you have eyes of a hawk, you will end up getting confused between the cars. Of course, the big S badge will be there to help you out! Another differentiating factor will be those humongous, chrome outlined dual exhausts, which again, look more aggressive than sophisticated. Surely, the guys at the Benz HQ’s are up to something! The car echoes so many thoughts of the younger sibling, the E-Class as if the two sisters just decided to share wardrobes for some time. 

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Rear- The dual chrome tip exhausts surely give the S Class a sporty look.

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Interior

Step inside, and the things look darn sophisticated. Sure enough, this is the S-Class we love. Into the 2021 S-Class, Mercedes have probably outdone themselves. If the W222 was good, this gen is impressive! All the latest tech is expected to be on offer, with the updated MBUX too. The dash is as minimalistic as it can get - two gigantic screens, four chrome-surrounded climate control vents in the middle, and a chunky steering wheel is all that can be seen in the images. The infotainment screen features a landscape layout. While it may please the purists and the guys with terrible OCD for clutter-free dashboard without any buttons, this has got us worried, since physical buttons are of utmost importance, especially if you want to adjust the climate, or just lower the volume of your favorite track on the go. 

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Dashboard- The dashboard design has been kept minimalistic with a huge infotainment screen in the center.

The new steering wheel looks sleek, and chunky, all at once. It gets a three-spoke setup and will house capacitive touch-based controls for the driver information monitor, audio, and voice command. Again, dare we say, this setup looks pretty darn similar to the E-Class facelift. 

Another feature is a gigantic instrument cluster screen, expected to have all bells and whistles, and well, expected to give out every sort of necessary information that one would want to obtain. Nope, that much information might not help you run for the President, but it might just keep you updated on every minute detail about your beloved S-Class. In case you thought the game of screens is over, you might be mistaken big time. The rear seat has a bench-like setup, with two individual screens for each passenger. Expectedly, those screens will have all the functions as that of the primary infotainment screen on the dash. For those with an eye for detail, those chrome-surrounded climate control vents are present at the rear too. 

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Rear Seat- The rear passengers also get a personal screen.

The guys who dig into worldwide Merc forums will know that the 2021 Mercedes S-Class will be sold in the long-wheelbase guise only, and it does make sense too! No point buying a luxury carmaker’s flagship sedan with a short wheelbase. This not only helps keep costs in check but also helps to earmark the same setup for global markets. 

Coming to the engine options, globally, the S-Class is sold with a variety of engine options and configurations, from a six-cylinder diesel to a V12 bi-turbo motor. However, with the environmentalists creating an uproar on the high-capacity fuel-guzzling, guys at the Merc have a hybrid engine ready. A regular hybrid? Yes. A plug-in-hybrid? Hell yes! The sad news though - the 2021 S-Class won’t have the V12 engineered S600 version. To make matters worse, the coupe and cabriolet versions will also be laid to rest. Period. 

2021 Mercedes Benz S Class Rear Seats

The current generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been on sale since 2013, and by many enthusiasts, it is considered one of the best S-Class models, EVER! It gets all types of versions, a variety of powertrains, and oodles of luxury and refinement. While the upcoming 2021 S-Class is expected to up the ante in terms of luxury, refinement, and tech, however, the axing of coupe and cabriolet versions isn’t something that oozes excitement. And well, that sweet V12, it will be missed to the core. 

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is expected to be unveiled later this year and will reach the dealerships early next year. All this, if the current damp market scenario, owing to COVID-19 pandemic subsides and everything goes back to normal. Nonetheless, when big events like World Car Awards can take place digitally, so can the launch of this ultra-luxury piece of precise engineering wonder. 

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