2021 Ford Bronco: Dealer Prices Leaked Online

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July 23, 2020 at 08:25 AM

Ford Bronco has been making news already with its one of a kind of packaging, design, and impressive stats. It is now even more interesting, keeping prices in mind. We got the dealer prices doing rounds on the net. Psst! You can save up to $2000 on a Bronco.

Even in the times of pandemic, the new Ford Bronco has spread like wildfire not just in the US but the world over for the kind of design it embodies and its particularly impressive pricing. Ford is offering the Bronco at less than $30,000! The manufacturer’s suggested retail price tips at around $28,500. But if we add the destination charges of $1,495 to it, the price now tips at $29,995. Can it go any cheaper?

We have gotten around many leaks and forums and what we have got you is the pricing that can be seen on this new sweet drool-worthy SUV. While dealerships don’t want you to know the money they are making on it. But it seems Ford can get you a better deal on the Bronco. Margins are fat on this one people! What we will show you are the figures dealerships won’t tell you. 

The figures going around online look real and it can really be accurate. The lower trim models won’t give you much space to negotiate. The Base Bronco Two-Door is pointed as a $28,073 buy which is around $400 cheaper than the price quoted. The price difference gets larger for the 4-door version and it tips at around $500. And the price window slowly increases, a difference of almost around $2000 for the top-of-the-line Bronco First Edition 4-door. So, get your negotiation talks practiced well.

Check out the prices here!

Bronco Trim Level

Two-Door Invoice (w/Holdback)

Two-Door MSRP

Four-Door Invoice (w/holdback)

Four-Door MSRP






Big Bend





Black Diamond





Outer Banks















First Edition





There are two caveats to this information, however. The receipt estimating here incorporates seller hold back, which is essentially an additional measure of cash the company pays the vendor once the vehicle is sold. The measure of that installment is obscure, so at last, the real seller cost for these trim levels ought to be not as much as what is seen here. Besides, seller receipt evaluating can be more strange than the alien stories. This is not the final price that the dealer might pay even without the holdback price included.

To be honest, the dealership should be making more than the difference we quoted above. The dealer would pay much lower for the car than being said here. But whatever are these prices, it is anyway a boon for the customer who’d ultimately be pushing for the lower price. We really think this would help. Mark this as a bookmark and walk to the dealership.

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