2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible Review: Expected Prices, Release Date, MPG And Performance

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July 30, 2020  at 8:19 AM

Despite its brilliant performance, handling and agility, what the BMW 2-series convertible lacks is a fresh redesign. However, the upcoming 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible would again remain unchanged from its current model. However, a thorough redesign is on the cards for the baby-Bimmer for its 2022 model year.

With a light and compact body, powerful turbo engines and a topless attire, the BMW 2-series convertible is a dream for low-budget enthusiasts. In the market since 2014, the 2-series serves as the sportiest gateway into the BMW family. Though it may not be as flashy as some of its rivals, it does compensate that with a best in class driving experience in a very tight package. It's peppy, fun, athletic and quite efficient for its class as well. 

Though it strictly needs a thorough restyling, Bavarian heads seem to be on a different road altogether. Since its unveiling in 2014, the 2-series have been mostly carried over in its successive model years, let alone the minor cosmetic updates. While there are reports that BMW is planning to update the 2-series for 2022, the upcoming 2021 model would be a carry-over again. What that means is that the 2021 BMW 2-series would serve us a familiar recipe that we try to take a look here at. 

What’s new with the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible?

  • No significant updates for 2021.

What’s the expected price and release date of the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible?

BMW is yet to make an announcement on the upcoming 2-series convertible but in the purview of the existing market conditions, we expect it to launch somewhere in late 2020. Since there are no changes in the new model year, the 2021 BMW 2-series convertible would carry an identical base MSRP of around $41,500, as its 2020 model.

What to expect in the engine department of the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible?

The 2020 2-series Convertible had two engine variants. A 2.0L turbocharged 4-pot in the 230i, and a 3.0L Inline 6 in M240i which will be reviewed separately. The first produces 248 hp and 258 lb-ft torque, while the latter is quite punchy, and produces 335 hp and 360 lb-ft torque. 

The 8-speed shiftable transmission is similar in both, while a 6-speed manual is available at no extra cost in the M240i variant. Both the engines are smooth and highly responsive with a barely noticeable turbo lag. This is the reason for its impressive acceleration, which takes this car from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. 


2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible (Expected)

2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible

2020 Mercedes C-class Cabriolet

2020 Audi A3 Quattro Convertible







2.0-liter turbo inline-4

2.3-liter turbo inline-4

2.0-liter turbo inline-4

2.0-liter turbo inline-4


8-speed shiftable automatic

10-speed Automatic 

9-speed Automatic

7-speed Automatic


248 hp @ 5200 rpm

310 hp @ 5500 rpm

255 hp @ 5800

228 hp @ 4500


258 lb-ft @ 1450 rpm

350 lb-ft. @ 3000 rpm

273 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm

258 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm

0-60 mph (seconds)





Quarter mile(seconds)





*2020 figures used for reference.

The BMW 2-series does not fall short in terms of acceleration and performance figures and delivers some impressive hp and torque figures. The acceleration of the 2-series is definitely one of the best amongst its rivals, and the only competition here is again the Ford Mustang. The M240i variant has even better figures and reaches the 0-60 mark in just 4.4 seconds. 

The 2021 BMW 2-series would have the same engine, and there seems to be no problem with it.

How well does the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible handle?

No false hopes and the BMW 2-series does handle like it aspires to be. On the move, the mini bimmer is firm, controlled and comfortable as well. The rigid and lightweight suspension soaks up bumps really well while the quick and quick steering makes it very agile. Over city bumps, the 2-series glides with ease soaking up undulations pretty well. 

Flick it around corners with some pace and firm suspension coupled with the AWD system encounters things in a flat manner. The steering is so precise and responsive that it allows you to point this Bimmer exactly where you want it to be. For a car of its size and class, the BMW 2-series does provide some serious fun and driving joy. 

How many miles to the gallon will the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible deliver?

The 2020 BMW 2-series is one of the most fuel-efficient Convertibles in its segment for sure. Thanks to its light and compact construction along with efficient weight distribution. The 23/34/27 mpg figures on city/highway/combined driving respectively aptly show its sense of frugality. Opting for the xDrive variant would drop these numbers to 21/31/24 mpg, but that's still not bad either. 2019 reports clearly state that this Convertible outperformed the EPA rankings, and the 2021 model would do the same considering its familiar powertrain options on tap. 


2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible (Expected)

2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible

2020 Mercedes C-class Cabriolet

2020 Audi A3 Quattro Convertible

MPG (city)





MPG (highway)





MPG (combined)





Fuel tank capacity (gallons)





Range (City/ Highway, miles)





*2020 figures used for reference.

Compare it with rivals and the BMW 2-series instantly outshines its rivals with its best in class efficiency. Surprisingly, even with a smaller fuel tank than the Mercedes C class cabriolet, the Bimmer also offers the best in class driving range. 

What to expect from the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible interior?

2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible would carry over unchanged on the inside as well. The previous two models had made some handsome changes to make it sufficiently attractive and comfortable on the inside. The 2021 2-series would still have a 4-seater layout, but the rear seats are almost impractical. However, the cabin is quite sophisticated, because of the BMW tag, and premium materials alongside sturdy build that comes along with the tag.

However, the front seats are where you should focus, because the comfort and features do surpass your expectations from a compact convertible. Thanks to the soft-leatherette wrapped seats that also come withy 10-way power adjustability. Both the front seats have enough legroom to fit a 6ft tall or even more heightened person and lets not even talk about the headroom. It's a Convertible! 


2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible (Expected)

2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible

2020 Mercedes C-class Cabriolet

2020 Audi A3 Quattro Convertible

Seating capacity





Front (head/shoulder/leg) (in.)





Second (head/shoulder/leg) (in.)





Cargo capacity (cubic feet)





*2020 figures used for reference.

As we are digging deeper into the specs and details of the BMW 2-series, it is realized that it is a more practical Convertible. It is extremely spacious for the front passengers, but the rear passenger row is quite uncomfortable. However, that's the case with almost every other car in the segment here. Talking about practicality though, the BMW 2-series doesn't disappoint either. We may not have the complete data of the Audi A3 cabriolet but the Bimmer’s 11.8 cu.ft. of the cargo area is bigger than the Mustang and C Cabriolet.

2021 BMW 2-series Convertible: Infotainment and Connectivity

Being a BMW, the 2-series doesn’t disappoint in terms of connectivity and infotainment features as well. Talking about the infotainment system, a 6.5-inch touchscreen at the center is where you could control your entertainment in the car. BMW’s iDrive enhances the user interface, and you need not take your eyes off the road. The 7-speaker Hi-Fi sound system along with the 205-watt digital amplifier is set to boost the adrenaline rush while driving this beast.


Standard entertainment features include Sirius XM, Bluetooth, AM/FM, HD Radio, while a Harmon Kardon system, and Apple CarPlay is available as a Premium feature. Android Auto would be added to the system and would be the only upgrade. So, overall the 2021 BMW 2-series is well equipped with pretty much all the infotainment features you would seek for at the price and class. If things are still not enough for you, you can still go ahead and shop from the list of optionally available packages. 

Will there be any changes to the exterior of the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible?

The only area where the current 2020 BMW 2-series does disappoint a bit is on the exterior design front. This is because apart from the very minute updates, the compact Bimmer has remained mostly the same since its launch in 2014. With a proper revision on the cards for 2022, the 2021 BMW 2-series is likely to get its familiar coat once again. 

Though dated to some, the 2-series still looks athletic and sharp when viewed from the front. The base trim comes with 17-inch wheels, while the higher trims would have 18-inch. The signature BMW headlights are maintained in this segment too, accompanied by an aggressive kidney grille at the front. The headlights which have a pointing-design towards the grille, give it a distinction from its other family members. Where things get a bit odd is the rear which still has the thick and large tail lamps.


2021 BMW 2 Series Convertible (Expected)

2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible

2020 Mercedes C-class Cabriolet

2020 Audi A3 Quattro Convertible

Curb weight




















Ground clearance (in.)










Track width(f/r)





*2020 figures used for reference.

While the 2-series does have a style statement of its own in typical BMW fashion, it is surely not as chiseled and modern as its rivals. The new Audi A3 convertible, the Mercedes C cabriolet or even the Ford Mustang looks a lot more fresh and stylish than the dating Bimmer. We strongly hope that BMW rectifies these errors beautifully with the upcoming update in the 2022 BMW 2-series.

Will the 2021 BMW 2-series Convertible be worth my money and time?

The BMW 2-series is surely a car for you if you are looking for an entry-level 2-seater car from a premium brand with complete driving fun being your top priority. The 2-series has a peppy engine, drives well and handles like a charm. Furthermore it also offers good build-quality alongside premium appointments. However, if style and fashion are also the two other words in your bucket list, the Ford Mustang or Mercedes C cabriolet are good options to consider. However, for that, you will have to sacrifice some of the driving fun of the BMW.

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