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April 29, 2020  at 5:58 AM

TopGear magazine’s Chief Editor states his experience through a grand Kona tour. Kona Electric gets recognized as the “Best Small Family Car” by TopGear. The myth of long-distance incapability of EVs busted by the nine-country and 1600 km Kona tour.

TopGear Electric Awards 2020 Kona as the  "Best Small Family Car." The car finished a nine European country tour and crossed 1000 miles. Hyundai Motor received not only commendations for the Kona's long-distance capabilities and efficiency but also the effortless and smooth performance.

The 24-hour tour took place in December 2019 with Charlie Turner, who at the time was Editor-in-Chief of BBC TopGear magazine. Before the ride, the vehicle charging percentage was 80, and it was charged with the supreme and rapid European charger with a capacity to charge 316 kWh.

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

The charging rate was kept 80 for maximizing the driving time. The nine-country, 1600 km tour began in the Czech Republic and took its turns across countries like Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Holland, and Belgium.

According to sources, Chief Editor of TopGear magazine believes that vehicle electrification has become a significant part of the automobile industry and will continue to grow in the future. He also believes that Kona delivers optimum output in the EV industry; however, most competitors won't come close to the 1600 miles covered by this vehicle.

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

After his tour, he also believes that range anxiety should not be a part of long-distance if a person buys a reputable car such as Kona.

Kona Electric is one of the most practical, performance- and range-oriented, zero-emission allrounders in the EV market since 2018 when it was first launched. -Andreas-Christoph Hofmann -vice marketing and product.

He added that Kona Electric received many awards for being a remarkable car. The most recent models come with an onboard three-phase charger and enhanced connectivity. Therefore, the 2020 trims are even better than before. 

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric Interior

Hyundai states the 2020 Kona comes with improved charging tech, connectivity features, and residual value forecasts for a drive range boost. Other essential highlights indicate that the B-SUV body and bold design are responsible for its overall capabilities.

Kona Electric trims also come with a five-year unlimited mile limited warranty along with an eight-year or 160,000 km high-voltage battery warranty. By and large, the warranty provides a competitive edge to the vehicle against its EV competitors.

Some of the most notable recent vehicle updates for the 2020 Kona Electric include Bluelink telematics, an infotainment system with a 10.25-inch display, car-connected services, and a three-phase 10.5 kW onboard charger. Also, enhanced tire specifications increase the driving range by almost eight percent, i.e., up to 484 km of WLTP.

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