2020 Dodge Durango R/T SUV Interiors

MSRP $44,295 - $46,895

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2020 Dodge Durango R/T SUV Infotainment Features and Interior

Updated on: July 23, 2020

John Bedrow's image
John Bedrow

Automotive Journalist

Look at this way, a car company selling a 707 horsepower car, marketing it as a family sedan, will you buy this statement? With Dodge, it is, and with its three-row SUV, the Durango, this company aims to capture a substantial amount of market share. It is available with a slew of engine options, ranging from V6 to V8’s, and even gets Road Track and SRT options. Priced at $45k, the Durango rivals the likes of Chevrolet Tahoe, Volkswagen Atlas, Toyota Highlander, and Mazda CX-9. If interior comfort and ambience are your top priorities, should the Durango be your pick in this crowded segment?

How comfortable is it?

Being a three-row SUV from Dodge has its perks, and the Durango comes with plenty of them. There is no dearth of space or practicality, something which will impress most of the Dodge buyers. The front row is spacious, and even the seats are very comfortable, with suitable cushioning and bolstering. However, the dated dashboard does rob away some of the ambience. What’s worse? The dashboard plastics are rock hard, and even the quality of switchgear is strictly average, something which we have seen on other Dodge cars as well. All-round visibility in the vehicle is good, with generous glass area and humongous ORVMs.

2020 Dodge Durango SUV Dashboard

Coming to the second row, getting inside the vehicle is easy, even for the elderly folks. The rear bench is wide, and three people can easily sit abreast. Remember we talked about space? There is plenty of it in this vehicle, with no dearth of headroom either. If we were to nitpick, thigh support in the rear bench is strictly average, but again, we are nitpicking. The second row is as comfortable as it can be, with fore and aft adjustment, moreover, you can recline the seat as well. You also get 60:40 split for the second row, which aids in flexibility and practicality. 

2020 Dodge Durango SUV Front Seats

Now comes the third row, and we guess you know how the experience there is, don’t you? If you manage to get into the third row, your workout for the day is done, it is a task in itself. Once seated there, you’ll have to deal with claustrophobia and limited space. And even if you manage to deal with it, you’ll have to manage to get out of it. Oof! In a nutshell, the last row is best suited for children, that too for short journeys. Don’t even think of stuffing adults there if you’re planning a road trip unless you don’t like them. Overall, the first and second rows of seating are comfortable, but the dated dashboard theme does take away some of the oomph from the interior.

2020 Dodge Durango SUV Rear Seats

How much cargo can it carry?

Now, this is what this Dodge excels at. It has class-leading cargo space that matches that of all but the largest SUVs, a useful fold-flat front passenger seat, the Durango is exceptionally well-rounded when it comes to overall utility. With the third row upright, just 17 cubic feet of cargo space awaits small bags and strollers, though that grows to 43.3 cubes with the rearmost seats folded.

2020 Dodge Durango SUV 43.3 cubes with the rearmost seats folded cargo space

What’s there to keep you entertained?

Now, Dodge cars aren’t known for their broad trim lineups, however, you do get a lot of optional extras and customization options with them. And the Durango is no different. While the regular Durango is available with three trims, and one can also opt for R/T and SRT, which come with mammoth V8 engines. However, we will focus on the Durango R/T for now.

Durango R/T gets an 8.4-inch infotainment screen with inbuilt navigation and Apple Carplay and Android Auto as standard. The screen is bright and crisp and touch response is also fairly quick. For all of you audiophiles, there is Alpine premium audio with 9 speakers.

2020 Dodge Durango SUV 8.4-inch Infotainment Display

In terms of equipment, the Durango is loaded to the gills with the creature and luxury comforts and is on par with what rivals offer.

Should you buy the Dodge Durango R/T? 

The 2020 Dodge Durango is easily one of the most versatile cars in its segment. It is spacious, offers oodles of practicality, class-leading towing capacity and loads of creature comforts as well. Yes, the interior theme is spartan, but look beyond this, and the Durango is easily one of the best and most versatile cars in its segment, hands down.

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