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2020 Chevrolet Camaro: NHTSA and IIHS Ratings, and Safety Features

Updated on: July 20, 2020

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John Bedrow 

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Overall Rating5 star
Overall Front Star Rating4 star
Front Driver Side4 star
Front Passenger Side4 star
Overall Side Star Rating5 star
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings(Front Seat)5 star
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings(Rear Seat)5 star
Side Barrier Driver5 star
Side Barrier Rear Passenger5 star
Overall Side Pole Star Rating5 star
Rollover Star Rating5 star
Overall Side Barrier5 star
Small Overlap Front(Driver)Good
Small Overlap Front(Passenger)Not Rated
Moderate Overlap FrontGood
Roof StrengthAcceptable
Head Restraints and SeatsGood
HeadlightsNot Rated
Front Crash PreventionBasic
Latch Ease of UseMarginal

Apart from the refreshment received on the outside, the 2020 Camaro also flaunts a retweaked chassis that Chevy claims to be stronger and more stable than before. Apart from that, there are many advanced safety assist systems that have been incorporated in the Camaro to keep up with the technological advancements in the modern automotive world. Let’s move ahead and find out if the Camaro is still worthy enough to be picked over its arch-rivals - the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger.

 The Camaro Coupe is offered in 4 trims, namely “LS coupe”, “1LT”, “2LT” and the top-end “3LT”. The numbers in the trim-nomenclature define the equipment list of that particular trim. Higher the number, more are the features inside it. Based on the same lines, the “3LT” has been christened with a ton of advanced safety features. The base trims “LS coupe” and “1LT” miss out on the majority of them though.

That said, some standard features found in the lower trims include Passenger triggered airbags, electronic stability control with traction control, Teen driver technology. Other juicy features such as Lane change alert with side-blind zone alert, Forward collision alert, Rear cross-traffic alert and, many more have been reserved as options for the top-end trim, “3LT” only. There’s a catch though, these advanced features further build on top of the MSRP of the Camaro Coupe 3LT.

We believe that Chevy has gone a little too far in segregating these trims, as the base trims, ”LS” and “1LT” are equipped with below-average features when pitted against its rivals. Frankly, the Mustang and the Challenger offer better packages at a similar price point.

Unfortunately, we do not have the official safety ratings for the 2020 Camaro. However, since there is not a lot of difference between the 2019 and 2020 models, let us present you with the ratings for the 2019 model as it can paint a proper image of how well-built the 2020 iteration is. Let’s move ahead and find out.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

 The 2019 Camaro has been awarded the maximum possible rating of “5 stars” after intensive testing by NHTSA. It has cleared the majority of parameters with maximum ratings with the exception being “Frontal crash tests” where it is reduced to “4 stars” which is still a respectable score for its segment.

As we can see in the table below, the Camaro fairs excellently in the crash tests. Another reason to believe in the Camaro’s build quality.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS):

Treading on the same lines as the NHTSA, the 2019 Camaro has managed to obtain the rating of “Good” in the majority of parameters. As seen in the NHTSA tests, the Camaro’s frontal rigidity has let the overall rating down. Similarly, in the IIHS crash tests, the Camaro’s front comes out to be weaker than its rivals. Having said that, all other parameters are at par with the competition.

What features make the Camaro safe?

 While there is not much to explain here, some handpicked safety features found in the 2020 Chevy Camaro are:

Forward Collision Alert:

 The Camaro comes equipped with a forward-collision warning system that works in tandem with the autonomous braking system. What is it actually? It enables the vehicle to alert the driver in case, an anomaly suddenly appears in front of the car. If the driver doesn’t respond in time, the Camaro can automatically apply the brakes and bring the car to a stop, thus ensuring your safety. Cool, right?

Lane Change Alert:

 This system uses an array of sensors mounted on the front of the Camaro that keep an eye on the lane markings to ensure that the vehicle stays in the same lane. In case the driver changes lanes without the application of indicators, your Camaro is smart enough to pull itself back into the same lane with the help of autonomous braking. Furthermore, it also sends haptic feedback to the steering wheel in order to alert the driver.

Teen Driver Technology:

 Offered as standard across the lineup, this feature is exclusive to Chevys only. This tech keeps a check on the driver and behaves accordingly. As an owner, you get to set various parameters for guest drivers or a teenager for that matter. You get to select the set of instructions that are displayed on the meter console. Furthermore, you can set certain speed limits and this technology makes sure that the Camaro follows them irrespective of the driver. And that’s still not it! You can also set boundary limits for your vehicle (geo-fencing). In case someone crosses those boundaries with your Camaro, you will promptly get a message and the location of the vehicle in your cell.

Worried your son could abuse your Camaro? Don’t! Because the Camaro will still remain faithful to you even behind your back.

Side-Blind zone alert:

 The Camaro’s sensors that are mounted on its sides, keep an eye on your blind spots while moving through traffic. It alerts the driver of any object that might be in your blind spot, especially while changing lanes. It can also bring the vehicle to a stop automatically under adverse conditions.

Rear traffic cross alert:

While backing up from a parking spot, the rear cross-traffic alert uses the same sensors as the blind-zone alert system to tell you if there is any vehicle incoming from either side. In adverse conditions, if the driver doesn’t respond in time, the Camaro can also apply brakes automatically to avert any mishap.

So, is the Camaro Coupe safe enough? 

While the Camaro offers sportscar-like handling dynamics, you will surely miss its ruggedness that the earlier iterations were popular for. The Challenger from Dodge’s stable is better suited for your “muscle” needs. However, if you like to play around the twisties and are ready to compromise on the “muscle” front, the Camaro is unmistakably the crown bearer here.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro Safety and Reliability

2020 Chevrolet Camaro Safety

The Camaro once exhibited the perfect example of American muscle back in the day when it ruled the American roads. While Dodge and Ford strived towards retaining the classic muscle traits in their offerings, the folks at Chevrolet had something else in mind. The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro has now shed weight and possesses sharper handling dynamics than its predecessors. On top of that, the standard V8 and V6 powerhouses have also been restricted to the top-end trims only. That said, the Camaro might have lost it

Front Airbags

Knee Airbags

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