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Karan Rawat

Belongs to Gurgaon , India

Designation: Automotive Journalist

DOB: 1995-12-10

Currently drives: Nissan GT R

Favorite rides: Honda Civic Si , Mitsubishi Evolution 8, Lexus LFA , Yamaha R6

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"The American automobile has changed the habits of every member of modern society."

About me

Karan Rawat, author, and editor at He has been devoted to produce quality journalism on anything automotive. Above all, this young chap enjoys helping consumers find the vehicle that best fits their necessities and desires. Our daily routine includes conducting research, driving and then writing reviews on everyday cars. Driven by passion his only goal is to reach actionable consumers with his knowledge and expertise. Along with writing articles, this Asian is keen on modifying Civic’s and Evo’s and equally obsessed with super sports (keep those Harley's away). Karan enjoys anything with four wheels, though demonstrates a particular passion for sports, performance, and racing cars.A Brooklyn native, and still hopes to own a Ferrari F 40, a Aventador SV, and a Mclaren F1. Well, some day, anyway…

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